How do I use my candle?

Focus on your intention and light during any phase of the moon. You want to focus on calling an energy into your life or banishing an energy from your life (while wishing no harm). Dark Moons, New Moons, and Full Moons are the most powerful times for conjuring.

When are you going to release my astrology sign?

We are releasing all 12 astrology candles in order by their season, so keep checking for updates. 

How often do you release new candles?

Right now we are releasing one-two new candles every month! These include astrology and tarot candles.

What if my candle is burning a little dim?

"If the wick gets dim, remember to trim". Make sure the wax is dry and trim the wick with a pair of scissors to 1/8th of an inch. Alternatively, if it’s too far down in the jar, you are allowed to pick off the top of the wick with your fingers. No shame and easy. Note that wick trimmers work best though and you might want to invest in some if you use candles often. Relight and watch your flame dance with magic.